Lilyhammer: The Sopranos Spinoff?

At first glance Lilyhammer might look like a Sopranos spinoff. For starters, Steven Van Zandt’s character looks like Silvio Dante. The whole attitude behind his character, Frank Tagliano, almost slaps you in the face for not referring to him as Silvio.

Lilyhammer opens up in a common “wiseguy” scenario with common “wiseguy” dialogue. For people of things that aren’t unique, you might be instantly turned off. However, I beg of you, give this a chance. Lilyhammer quickly dives into something more than just some run of the mill mobster TV show. Ten minutes into the first episodes it’s made very clear that this won’t be taking place in a typical scenario anymore. Snows on the ground, you’re reading subtitles and the culture is off.

Did I just say subtitles?


Suck it up.

Lilyhammer takes place in, well, Lillehammer, a small little town in Norway. Why of all places would our protagonist Frank be here? The Olympics of course! He saw them many years ago on television broadcasted in this small little town and fell in love! Sorry, I’m getting off track.

I’ll be honest with you and admit that 90% of the time you’ll be reading the screen for this series. It takes place and Norway and almost all of the dialogue is Norwegian. Don’t worry though, you’ll have your bits and pieces of English here and there. You’ll also have questions as to why there are English and Norwegian simultaneously going on within the same conversation – that’s besides the point. Don’t let a little bit of reading turn you off from such a great television show. Why this is a Netflix exclusive, I’ll never know.

Well, I do know, but I feel as if this deserves to be somewhere else – not just Netflix. While Netflix is a great way for everyone to watch this show, it really deserves a home on a network. So if you unfortunately do not current subscribe to Netflix now is the time to fork out $7.99. There’s 8 episodes for season one. If you do the math that’s about a dollar an episode – not bad, right?

Lilyhammer truly isn’t a Sopranos spinoff nor does it claim to be. In the first episode you might receive a small vibe but once the final episode hits and the credits role you truly feel as if you’ve seen something original. The whole series captivated me so much from start to finish that I had to watch it all in one day. I couldn’t go ten minutes without finishing this.

Look, the bottom line is you’re missing out. While this isn’t close to being The Sopranos, it becomes its own thing. Everyone does a great job with their roles and the whole time you’re laughing and crying. The series, while short, is phenomenal.

All I can say is that I won’t be canceling my Netflix anytime soon. Lilyhammer season two better hurry up onto my dashboard!

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